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garbage disposals

While composting is obviously the preferred option, not everyone has the 
opportunity (apartment dwellers, etc.).  Both of the places I have lived 
in recently (San Francisco and Dublin, Ohio) have had trouble with sewage 
overflows into the bay/river nearby.  In this case it seems that it is 
better to keep extra vegetative and degradable matter out of the 
(disposal) sewer system to keep the fish happy (not that they are going 
to be all that happy with the overflows anyway; as you know, the 
degrading veggie matter uses up a lot of oxygen as it decomposes). 
Also- a quick plug for composting. I gave a friend of mine a few pieces 
of a christmas cactus that I have had for over 10 years.  She planted her 
starts in her own kitchen compost, and within a year or 2 her plant was 3 
times the size of mine, and blooms much more regularly and fully- with 
the exact same genetic material- impressive. ljk