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Re: metal mining

On Fri, 30 May 1997, Katie Sewell wrote:

> Greetings
> We are going to be visiting several metal mining operations in a few weeks.
> We have the following information:  fact sheet from Nevada, EPA's sector
> notebook, P2 in Mining and Mineral Processing from the Dept of the Interior,
> P2 and Waste Min. Opportunities for the Mining Industry from Region 8, and
> Arizona Mining Heavy Equipment and Fleet Maintenance:  P2 Practices and
> Opportunities.  Are there revelant publications that we have missed?  Does
> anyone have personal experience with mines that they would like to share or
> names of contacts/experts?  Are there mines we could talk to that have some
> good P2 accomplishments/success stories?  Thanks for your help.  
> Katie Sewell, P2 Coordinator
> Idaho DEQ
> 1410 N. Hilton
> Boise, ID  83706
> (208) 373-0502 phone
> (208) 373-0169 FAX
> ksewell@micron.net

The Nevada Hazardous Waste Program intends to inspect all of 
Nevada's mining operations over the next year or so.  As a result, 
BEP is in the middle of a series of training seminars for the mines on 
hazardous waste management and minimization.  We developed a "Mine 
Guide for Hazardous Waste Management" which explains compliance and 
waste minimization options.  We also have a training handout which 
runs through various waste streams and identifies waste min 
options.  Since the focus of the seminar was preparation for the haz 
waste inspections the materials focus mainly on equipment 
maintenance and lab wastes not exempt under bevill.  

I'll send you a copy of these materials and let me know if you want 
the mine guide on disc.  I'll also enclose several case studies 
which we have developed at mine sites in Nevada.  One addresses a 
cabinet parts washer and the other an antifreeze recyling unit.  I 
also have a case study on solvent substitution at a Nevada mine.  We 
have an old newsletter which discusses on board secondary filtration 
of oil at a Rayrock mine which reduced oil consumption by 30% which 
I'll send you.

One area which is not well addressed in our materials is dust 
prevention.  We are developing a training program know which will 
address dust in the desert and will emphasize dust prevention plans 
to avoid unnecessary trafic and sources of emissions.  I'll have 
Darrell Soyars, our Air Quality Engineer send you these materials as 
they are developed.

I don't know if Idaho has a mining association. but we've found the 
Nevada Mining Association to be a great help in reaching the mining 

Good luck,

Kevin Dick
Business Environmental Program
Nevada Small Business Development Center/032
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV  89557-0100
(702) 784-1717
FAX (702) 784-1395