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Re: Re: Snow/ice contaminated with gas/diesel

>We have a problem out here in the winter with fuel truck accidents causing
>the contamination of snow and ice with gasoline and diesel.  As a result,
>the spill cleanup teams are therefore stuck with potentially a large
>quantity of contaminated snow/ice.  My question to you all is this, what
>options are there for the proper and most economical way of managing this

When I was in Alaska, we used to put the contaminated snoe & ice into 20 yd
lined, leakproof containers, melt it down, skim the oil off the top for
recycling, and the water could at that point go to a treatment plant or be
put through an portable oil/water coalescing separator for discharge below
10 ppm.
If you need more info. My SIG file below has contact info.
Good luck!
Joe Smith
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