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Activated Sludge Treatment

Below is from another list I am on, but I thought it was more suited to 
P2 than the list it was posted.  Please responed privately to the preson 
listed at the end of the post.  

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>From: Pradeep Srivastava <srivasta@sparkle.water.ci.detroit.mi.us>
>I would appreciate it if someone would share with me information on
>disinfection of secondary effluent of an activated sludge treatment
>process of a Publicly Owned Treatment Works(POTW) using ozone, UV, H2O2,
>ozone/UV, ozone/UV/H2O2, or any other alternate disinfection procedure in
>light of chlorine falling into disfavor because of carcinogenic
>chlorinated hydrocarbons formed during the chlorination process. The
>secondary flow we are expected to treat can be as high as 930 MGD.
>Pradeep Srivastava
>Process Engineer
>Detroit Water & Sewerage Dept.
>City of Detroit
>303 South Livernois
>Detroit, MI 48209