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Re: Information Needs Assessment Survey

EPA Region 10 published a report titled "Pollution Prevention in Non-Defense
Federal Agencies in Region 10".  The report contains the survey (called
Federal Agency Pollution Prevention Needs Assessment) that was used and the
results.  The woman who worked on the project was on a short detail so isn't
there anymore.  I can send you a copy if you're interested or maybe someone
from Region 10 can offer more information.   

At 07:56 AM 6/4/97 CDT, you wrote:
>One of the goals of the Texas Pollution Prevention Partnership is to keep 
>federal facilities in the State of Texas informed about pollution 
>prevention technologies, funding and approval mechanisms, and general 
>resources so that they can more effectively implement their P2 programs.  
>To this end, we want to conduct a survey of these facilities in order to 
>assess what type(s) of information they may need.  We have developed a 
>draft survey that includes a number of general questions and a request for 
>information on computer resources/capabilities and information media 
>Before we finalize this survey, we would like input from others who have 
>experience conducting information needs assessment surveys.  Although we're 
>particularly we're interested in finding out what types of questions you 
>found most useful to ask and what you were able to learn from the survey, 
>any guidance or input would be greatly appreciated.
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