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Information Needs Assessment Survey -Reply

Yes, as Katie said, we did a pollution prevention
needs assessment for Non-Defense Federal
Facilities last year.  It was a rather detailed, 32
question telephone survey of 136 Non-DOD
facilities throught Region 10.  The telephone survey
methodology seemed to work quite well.  We found
(no surprise) that the P2 needs of these smaller,
mainly office function facilities are very different
from those of large Defense facilities.

I'd be happy to send it to you -- either the full report,
or just the surey questions.  I can probably send it
electronically.  Remember, to avoid listserver
clutter, send request messages to me, not the
whole listserver.

Nancy Helm
EPA Region 10
Seattle, WA

>>> <ctaylor@afceeb1.brooks.af.mil> 06/04/97
05:56am >>>
One of the goals of the Texas Pollution Prevention
Partnership is to keep 
federal facilities in the State of Texas informed
about pollution 
prevention technologies, funding and approval
mechanisms, and general 
resources so that they can more effectively
implement their P2 programs.  
To this end, we want to conduct a survey of these
facilities in order to 
assess what type(s) of information they may need. 
We have developed a 
draft survey that includes a number of general
questions and a request for 
information on computer resources/capabilities
and information media 

Before we finalize this survey, we would like input
from others who have 
experience conducting information needs
assessment surveys.  Although we're 
particularly we're interested in finding out what
types of questions you 
found most useful to ask and what you were able to
learn from the survey, 
any guidance or input would be greatly


Christopher Taylor, Ph.D.
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Quality Directorate
HQ Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence
3207 North Road
Brooks AFB, TX  78235-5363
(210) 536-6375