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Re: Garbage Diposals & Dishwashers

At 10:30 AM 5/30/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I would like to know what people think about garbage disposals. After
taking a 
>few waastewater courses in college, I was convinced that the use of garbage 
>disposals for food waste was better than disposal in landfills. Other
>have said that the thick waste produced by garbage disposals create problems 
>when people try to dispose of eggshells and skins of vegetables which are
>easily degraded.
>What is the consensus? Better to throw everything possible into a garbage 
>disposal or into a conventional garbage can?
>Also, are automatic dishwashers more or less efficient than handwashing?
Hi Maya,

I really wish we could build soil at the rate we pave it.  For those
without space outside for compost piles or - if need be - totally enclosed
containers, I know of some successful vermiculture technologies for
appartments. I can imagine commercial scale vermiculture for schools,
businesses and caterers is a technology that needs some tweaking!  New
skills for a new age?

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