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Requests for Results on History of the Environment

Several months ago I asked you for information on environmental incidents, 
awakenings, etc.  The structure of my resulting slide presentation was to 
attempt to develop the trend that says:

1.      These environmental incidents, awakenings, etc. led to

2.      These general environmental concerns, which led to

3.      These specific environmental considerations, which led to

4.      These Federal legislative/regulatory initiatives, which also led to

5.      These State legislative/regulatory initiatives, which also led to

6.      These Local government regulations

(which leads to Environmental Accounting)
(which injects environmental costs into the equation)
(which ellicits "Design for the Environment")
(which encourages business and government to work together towards solutions)
(which leads to increased profitability)

I now have a Powerpoint 4.0 (Windows 3.11) file available for anyone who wants 
it or can fax hard copies to you.

Please send me your e-mail address or fax number if you would like these 
results.  I suggest this become a "living" list that could incorporate your 
comments, corrections, and future developments.  Thanks for your support.

Glenn Stephens
Environmental Management Systems
400 Market Street
PO Box 8772
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8772
Fax: 717-783-2703
E-mail: stephens.glenn@a1.dep.state.pa.us