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Climate Wise

>From the US 

          Climate Wise
          Climate Wise, is a unique government-industry partnership, that 
          is designed to help business turn energy efficiency and 
          environmental performance into a corporate asset.  Jointly 
          sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. 
          Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Climate Wise helps 
          organizations develop a portfolio of innovative actions, offers 
          access to technical and financial assistance, and offers public 
          recognition for efforts.  Saving money and boosting productivity, 
          by improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas 
          emissions, are some apparent benefits of participation in Climate 
          Wise partnerships.


INTERNET NEWSBRIEF            June 20, 1997
          Internet Newsbrief is a weekly service from the EPA Headquarters 
          Library that provides a sampling of new and/or useful Internet 
          resources for EPA staff and other environmental professionals.  
          If you are not currently receiving Internet Newsbrief and would 
          like to subscribe, please send a message to: 
          (Add whatever suffix or prefix necessary to send an email message 
          from your email gateway to the Internet);
          leave the subject line blank, or put a period in the subject 
          then type the following in the body of the message:
          subscribe INTERNETNB-L firstname lastname
          If you have any questions concerning the information provided in 
          this Newsbrief, please contact the Headquarters Library through 
          email at InternetNB@epamail.epa.gov or by phone (202)260-5921.
          Permission is granted to make and distribute copies of Internet 
          Newsbrief provided appropriate credit is given to the U.S. EPA 
          Headquarters Library and the disclaimer paragraph is included.

Miles Constable
Senior Toxic Substances Officer
Environment Canada - Edmonton

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