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Re: Tennis & hexane

At 04:45 PM 6/20/97 -0700, you wrote:
>     With summer here and tennis balls flying, this question is well-timed.
>We got a call about a manufacturer of tennis balls and tennis rackets.
>Apparently they use hexane in their manufacturing process.  Is anyone
>familiar with any alternatives to hexane or P2 assessments of sporting good
>manufacturers that might yield some ideas for source reduction?
>I checked P2tech archives and a few other sources but couldn't find
>anything on hexane.
>     Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
>Eileen Sheehan
>P2 Team, EPA Region 9
>75 Hawthorne Street,  WST-1-1
>San Francisco, CA  94105
>(415) 744-2190 ph
>(415) 744-1796 fax

Hexane is relatively innocuous!  Flammability is the greatest hazard.

It may be hard to find a less hazardous alternative that performs in the
same way as the hexane, which, by the way is readily recyclable.  If I knew
more about the particulars of how the hexane is used, it may be possible to
suggest an alternative or a better management practice which reduces the
volume of hexane released to the environment.


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