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P2 activities in Latin America

Dear colleagues,

We would very much appreciate your cooperation to identify parties (private
organizations, EPA offices, foundations, banks, etc.) which might be
interested to support (both technically and financially) our P2 activities
in Costa Rica, Central America and further into Latin America.

For those interested and not familiar with CEGESTI, at the end of this
message a short description of our organization follows. Furthermore, I
would like to invite you to visit our webpage.

During the month of July, I will have the opportunity to visit the USA and
would be delighted to meet with some of you interested to consider a kind
of cooperation with CEGESTI in order to further promote P2 in our region.
We have a good identification of P2 needs in Costa Rica and a load of
project ideas (small and larger ones) which I would be very interested to
present and discuss.

Many thanks for your consideration!  Adrieke.

Ms. Adrieke de Kraker
Consultant on Environmental Management
CEGESTI (Technology Management Center)

Apartado:  1082-2050
San Jose, Costa Rica
tel: (506) 255-3233
fax: (506) 233-4054

email:     jeroen@sol.racsa.co.cr (private)

website:   http://www.yellowweb.co.cr/cegesti.html

Mailing address (in U.S.A.):
           Interlink 489
           7801 N.W. 37th St.
           Miami, Fl 33166 - 6559

CEGESTI (Technology Management Center of Costa Rica) is a non-profit Costa
Rican organization, established in 1990 with a view to promote and support
the competitive position of the productive sector in Costa Rica and other
countries in Central America, with an emphasis on small and medium scaled
With a staff of 18 consultants, CEGESTI offers an integrated package of
consultancy, training, investigation and information services to private
and public enterprises, universities, technology-based start-up companies
and Governmental institutions. 

Besides other focus areas (strategic planning, quality control,
organization culture, etc.) CEGESTI develops activities in the area of
Environmenal Management (sustainable industrial development, cleaner
production, pollution prevention, environmental audits, ISO 14000, etc.).

(For more information on CEGESTI's objectives, people and activities:
please refer to our webpage ----> http://www.yellowweb.co.cr/cegesti.html)