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Case Study for Class

On July 17th the Northcentral Partnership for Environmental 
Technology Education will be holding a meeting in Mackinaw City MI.  
At this meeting we intend to review the P2 curriculum for associate 
degree programs.  For the second half of this session we will split 
into two groups.  One track will look at/develop P2 games for the 
course.  The second track will look at/develop a P2 case study to be 
taught to 2nd year environmental students.

Question.  Does anyone have a well developed game or case study that 
they would be willing to share?  The case study needs to have enough 
information that students could work through a mass balance and come 
up with P2 ideas.  The point of this class is for graduating students 
to perform a multi-media P2 audit of a facility so that they can 
demonstrate to industry that they are more than just environmental 
enforcement folks, that they can affect their bottom line.

Anyone interested in participating in this session may contact the 
HMTRI at 1-800-GO HMTRI and ask about the P2 session in Mackinaw.  
Spaces may be limited.  Thanks in advance for your help!
David G. Gardner, Chairman
Environmental Management Department
The Owens Community College