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RE: Ammonia Refrigeration

Why is this company using ammonia for refrigeration (e.g. what are the technical performance requirements for the refrigeration system)?  The rest of the world is eliminating R-12 (CFC-12) and R-22 (HCFC-22) from usage in refrigeration due Ozone Depletion, and consequently there are several emerging refrigerants available.  You can review the EPA's SNAP program for approved alternative refrigerants.  see refrigerants listed under:  http://www.epa.gov/docs/spdpublc/title6/snap/index.html

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Re: Ammonia Refrigeration I am working with a beer brewer who 
currently cools his product with a refrigeration system uti-
lizing 60,000 pounds of ammonia.  With the CAA rules on risk 
management planning going into effect, he is looking for a 
substitute system that would not break the bank, and yet keep 
him in good graces with applicable rules and regs and out of 
necessity of doing RMP.  This is a new area for me.  What are 
similar industries doing about replacing ammonia refrigeration?  
Any thoughts?  David F.  Lawrence Indiana Dept.  of 
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