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RE: wood furniture info resources

The American Furniture Manufacturers Association in NC (Larry Runyan,
910-884-5000) has access to a comprehensive CAA Reg guide done by
Radian, 3M and Akzo Nobel.  TVA has a P2 for Wood Furniture
Manufacturers which will be available on our web site soon
(http://www.tva.gov/orgs/iwr/iwrhome.htm) that was done with AFMA and

>From: 	newmoa@tiac.net[SMTP:newmoa@tiac.net]
>Sent: 	Thursday, June 26, 1997 11:43 AM
>To: 	p2tech@great-lakes.net
>Subject: 	wood furniture info resources
>I am working on finalizing the Manual, "Wood Furniture:  The Clean Air Act
>and Pollution Prevention Opportunties."  The audience is industry as well as
>state air and P2 program personnel.  One of the last tasks is to finalize a
>comprehensive list of  wood furniture P2 and regulatory information
>resources, things like industry contacts, technical assistance programs with
>expertise in the wood furniture sector, trade associations, useful web
>pages, and videos.  If you or your organization would like to be listed or
>if you know of any of the above items that should be listed, please contact
>me at "newmoa@tiac.net" or if you prefer you can call me at (617) 367-8558
>ext 303.  Please include the following information:
>- Organization name
>- contact name
>- address
>- phone number  
>- fax number
>- email address
>- Web URL (if applicable)
>Thanks in advance for your help!
>Jennifer Griffith
>129 Portland Street, 6th Floor
>Boston, MA 02114
>(617) 367- 8558, ext. 303
>(617) 367-0449 (FAX)