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Re[2]: wood furniture info resources

>comprehensive list of  wood furniture P2 and regulatory information
>resources, things like industry contacts, technical assistance programs with
>expertise in the wood furniture sector, trade associations, useful web
>pages, and videos. 
          Jennifer --
          You might want to include the Rain Forest Action Network's web site, 
          specifically their guide to "Green Sources of Construction Materials" 
          -- at the following URL:
          (say THAT five times fast!).
          The emphasis is on building construction (not furniture) but tropical 
          and rainforest woods are used a lot in furniture, so this is 
          nonetheless relevant.  While not P2 per se, sourcing wood from more 
          sustainable places is consistent with the P2 message.  And while a lot 
          of the RAN site is adversarial or confrontational in tone (hey, it's 
          an activist site -- that's what they're supposed to do!) this document 
          is quite helpful and specific in content.
          Hope this helps.
          Scott Butner
          Scott Butner (rs_butner@pnl.gov)
          Pacific NW National Laboratory/Seattle Research Center
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