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Foundry Sand

    From: R. Illig
    1) Does the facility have a sand reclaim system in place??  This 
    may be the first step in controlling the waste stream.  Unused 
    core sands may not be as acceptable for reuse, due to chemical 
    constituents, as used core sands (although the specific sand 
    binder system can make a difference in this area).  Used (& 
    unused) core sands generally are recycled into the molding 
    process.  Mold sand can be reused until spent.  Another method for 
    minimizing the generation of core sand is to use hollow cores in 
    cases where large gaps in the mold require larger cores (as in 
    pipe making).
    2) Potential use as an aggregate in the production of asphalt or 
    concrete...pending acceptable chemistry (leachable and total 
    concentrations of constituents...determined by state and perhaps 
    federal regs) and gradations specifications.  Too fine a material 
    may not be suited for replacement of regular virgin sand in many 
    potential uses.
    3) Again pending chemistry and the grade, as a pipe bedding.
    4) With the same cautions, as an aggregate in roadway and/or berm 
    (Foundry slag and refractory materials may be even more acceptable 
    for some of these uses, than sand.  Scrubber sludges or bag house 
    dusts from cupola operation are generally much more chemically 
    active and greater concern when placed directly into the