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Re: HVLP painting equipment and robots

rpojasek@sprynet.com wrote:
> We have had people on this list server who have watched the switch to powder
> paint only to have a new waste stream generated - waste powder paint.  This is
> something the vendors totally neglect to tell their customers about.  It is a
> problem when multiple colors are applied in a day.  No one seemes to know what
> to do with mixed powder paint.  Is this something the CTC has dealt with?
> Bob Pojasek
> rpojasek@sprynet.com
> (617) 225-0812


Powder coaters I have spoken to do one of two things with the mixed
powder waste- either they collect it and reapply to non-critical items
where a particular color is not an issue and they know from past
experience what the color mixture will most likely be or they put it in
a metal pan and solidify it in the oven before tossing the solid mass in
the dumpster (assuming no RCRA metals). 

Paul Saunders