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RE: HVLP painting equipment and robots

Great question!  I've forwarded your question to our powder paint expert to see what we do with our waste.  Have the wastes you mentioned been considered hazardous?  I would think they are epoxies or polyurethanes, and without the solvents there isn't much to worry about... except maybe quantity.  What cleaning procedures do they follow when changing colors?  Is it too difficult to "sweep up" the unused powder to keep the colors separated?  The powder can be re-used if not contaminated or mixed with other colors.

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We have had people on this list server who have watched the switch to powder 
paint only to have a new waste stream generated - waste powder paint.  This is 
something the vendors totally neglect to tell their customers about.  It is a 
problem when multiple colors are applied in a day.  No one seemes to know what 
to do with mixed powder paint.  Is this something the CTC has dealt with?

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