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Re: HVLP painting equipment and robots


In response to your question about the enamel and whether HVLP is an option.
 What is the nature of the enamel?  Is it air dry or cured in an oven?  I
have seen where companies use a baked enamel on office furniture, and have
been able to capture the overspray in liquid form.  The liquid can be
reformulated into coating and reused.

A company has many options regarding the coatings that they use, and possible
changes in application method that will increase transfer efficiency and
reduce the use of clean-up solvent.  One good source of information is their
paint supplier.

Feel free to call me and discuss some approaches.

Terry A. Mors, QEP
TEAM Environmental Consulting, Inc.
3398 N. Dancer Road
Dexter, MI  48130