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Re: HVLP painting equipment and robots


Mixed colors in powder paint go on with a speckled color - each particle keeps 
its color when cured.  This is unacceptable for most uses although some of you 
that are more artistically inclined might think it is COOL!  Are you TREATING a 
waste by solidifing it?  Do you run the TCPL before solidification?  Compliance 
with confusing regulations is perhaps the very reason why many of us seek to 
avoid them altogether by cleaner production and pollution prevention.  My point 
remains - do we consider all the consequences of the alternatives that we 
recommend.  Powder paints for most lines create a NEW waste stream when it 
eliminates the VOC waste stream.  Perhaps the vendors could work on this instead 
of hiding it when they peddle their wares.

Bob Pojasek