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Uses for sulfur dioxide

Uses for sulfur dioxide

A company recycles materials from old
appliances, including refrigerants.    The
company tries to recycle or use all
components of the appliances.  Very old
appliances used sulfur dioxide as a
refrigerants.  The company is trying to find a
use for the sulfur dioxide.

The sulfur dioxide is contained in one
cylinder, 500 pounds gross, and one
cylinder, 250 pounds gross.  The company
has tried waste exchanges, bulletin boards,
the Chicago Board of Trade, wastewater
treatment plants, solid waste management
districts (local governments in Ohio), the
University of Wisconsin, and fertilizer

Although this list server focusses on source
reduction, the company has been diligent
and creative in its search for uses for sulfur
dioxide.  Any suggestions are welcome.

Andrea Futrell
Office of Pollution Prevention
Ohio EPA
PO Box 1049
Columbus, OH  43216-1049