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traffic reduction -Reply

You might want to try the International Council of Local
Environmental Initiatives - Cities for Climate Protection
Campaign.  They have a program called green fleets.  

U.S. Cities for Climate Protection
15 Shattuck Square, Suite 215
Berkeley, California  USA  94704
(510) 540-8843
E-mail:  75463.3516@compuserve.com

>>> Duncan Philips <Duncan@genesis2.demon.co.uk>
06/27/97 02:35pm >>>

Has anyone on this list any experience that proves that;

- subsidies for public transport (buses, trams, trains etc..)
have a
measurable effect on reducing road traffic

- increases in fuel costs reduces car use

- the provision of cycle lanes encourages cyclists who would
not have
otherwise cycled

- increasing the cost of car parking reduces car use

Basically I'm only interested in real life studies, not academic
computer modelled situations.

Thanks for any offers of help.


Duncan Philips
e-mail to: Duncan@genesis2.demon.co.uk