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Re: traffic reduction

At 08:35 PM 6/27/97 +0100, you wrote:
>Has anyone on this list any experience that proves that;
>- subsidies for public transport (buses, trams, trains etc..) have a
>measurable effect on reducing road traffic
>- increases in fuel costs reduces car use
>- the provision of cycle lanes encourages cyclists who would not have
>otherwise cycled
>- increasing the cost of car parking reduces car use
>Basically I'm only interested in real life studies, not academic or
>computer modelled situations.
>Thanks for any offers of help.
>Duncan Philips
>e-mail to: Duncan@genesis2.demon.co.uk
You might try contacting The Bay Area Economic Forum in San Francisco.  The
phone number I have for them is (415) 981-6600.  They produced several
documents on "market-based solutions to the transportation crisis".

Hope this helps.
Frances Gilliland, Air Quality Specialist
Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District
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Goleta, CA  93117

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