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Re[2]: Ammonia Refrigeration

     At 60,000 lbs of ammonia, the beer brewer is already required to meet 
     the OSHA standard of Process Safety Management and therefore must meet 
     the requirements of Program 3 of the RMP.
     If the the OSHA standard has already been met by the brewer, the 
     additional requirements to meet Program 3 of the RMP will be:
     -  registration
     -  off-site consequence analysis
     -  five-year accident history
     -  documenation of the items completed for OSHA Process Safety 
     Management Standard.
     For something as simple as ammonia being the only on-site toxic, off 
     the top of my head, my estimate to prepare a Risk Management Plan 
     would be no more than $15,000.  This would be considerably less 
     expensive than switching refrigerants.
     However, the requirements of the OSHA Process Safety Management 
     standard are much more extensive.  If the brewery wishes to avoid the 
     process safety management requirements of OSHA, it might be well worth 
     their while to switch refrigerants.
     I hope this is helpful.
     Rob Michalowicz
     BOVAR Environmental
     (416) 630-6331 ext. 293

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Subject: Re:  Ammonia Refrigeration
Author:  p2tech@great-lakes.net at INTERNET
Date:    6/26/97 8:52 AM

Re: Ammonia Refrigeration I am working with a beer brewer who 
currently cools his product with a refrigeration system uti- 
lizing 60,000 pounds of ammonia.  With the CAA rules on risk 
management planning going into effect, he is looking for a 
substitute system that would not break the bank, and yet keep 
him in good graces with applicable rules and regs and out of 
necessity of doing RMP.  This is a new area for me.  What are 
similar industries doing about replacing ammonia refrigeration?  
Any thoughts?  David F.  Lawrence Indiana Dept.  of 
Environmental Mgmt., 504 North Broadway, Gary, IN 46402.  Phone 
(219) 881-6720; FAX (219) 881-6745; E-mail 
dlawr@opn.dem.state.in.  us.