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Powder Coating

   I read this exchange with interest.  I am curious if the "waste" 
   mixed coating powder can be blended into some form of plastic?  Would 
   there be any way to supply a plastic products manufacturer to use the 
   "waste" as a product where color is not critical?  For example, would 
   it blend into automotive bumper plastic which, I think, is coated to 
   match the automobile?
   If this bakes into a brick, could the material blended into plastic 
   and baked into strips and marketed as garden edging, etc?  Could the 
   speckles of color be marketed as a benefit - such as "one of a kind" 
   consumer items?  Would the finished product be non-toxic?  Could the 
   baked product be fashioned into flower pots, children's toys, etc ?
   	   	   	   Jo Anne