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Re: computer recycling

OOOPPSSS!!!!...I used the wrong area code in my last posting...

>Specifically he is looking for companies providing this 
>service, economics, feasibility of recycling for householders and 
>large companies.
>Greg Newman

One of the largest computer recycling companies in the USA is a group named
HEARTWOOD COMPUTER COMPANY located in the state of North Carolina.

Their contact information is:

Richard Stewart, President
Heartwood Computer Company
Monroe, North Carolina
phone:  704-283-6447
fax:       704-289-9229


MARK REIDER, Managing Director
Voice:  (630) 887-8272   Fax:  (630) 887-7703
e-mail:  thcg@mailzone.com

Strategic Environmental Management Consultants 
to the Process Manufacturing Industries.