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Re: Recycling post consumer paints

> Hello folks!
> Thought you may be able to assist me with this little dilemma we have
> here with a paint manufacturer in Australia who is trying to work out
> how we can effectively recycle paint, at the post consumer stage.  That
> is paint stripped back off products as well as paints left in cans which
> may be contaminated.  Anyone got any ideas?

In the Netherlands post cosumer paint cans are collected throught he 
household hazardous waste collection scheme. The cans are processed 
in liquid nitrogen (cryogenic) so the paint can be removed from the cans very 
easy. The cans stripped from the paint, (including the labels) go to 
metal recycling. The paint residu is used as a fuel in waste 
incineration. Some research is going on on reusing the paint but I not 
sure what the outcome or progress of that research is.

> He was also wondering if there were any legislations or regulations
> about paint standards which would cut out that cheaper range of paints
> of low performance - which continue to harm the environment through
> continuous reapplication, deterioration etc.
No such regulation exsits in the Netherlands

> There is also the issue of packaging of paints!  Not to mention VOC's!

For packaging there is the EU regulation on packaging waste which 
requires resue/recycling of packaging material by the 
producer/importer. Implementation is still topic of many discussions 
here. VOC in paint are being replaced by water based paints, but this 
is slow slow slow....

Feel free to contact me directly for more information

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