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Alternatives for Pentachlorphenol Wood Preservative

Dear P2Tech,
    Anybody out there know of substitutes for pentachlorophenol when it   
comes to utility poles?
    I am particularly interested in the names of utilities that have   
switched from pentachlorophenol to creosote (and vice-versa) or have   
switched from pentachlorophenol to chromated copper arsenate (the stuff   
that gives the green tinge to pressure treated lumber used for decks,   
etc.)     (and vice-versa).
    Also I would like to talk to any companies you know of that were   
THINKING of switching, but decided not to.

    Information on any other alternatives, like fiberglass impregnation   
of rotten wood on docks (which I have heard of, but know very little   
about), would be appreciated also.

Peter T. Moulton
Division of Technical Services, Bureau of Remediation
State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection
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