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RE: computer recycling

Greg -- I recommend that you contact Dawn Amore of the National Safety Council's Environmental Heath Center (202) 293-2270, x 483.

Dawn is leading the Electronic Product Recovery Roundtable which is a new organization established to promote the development and use of environmentally and economically sound strategies for managing electronic equipment that has reached the end of its useful life as well as design for the environment/disassembly for computers and electronics.

The Roundtable is in the initial stages of development but Dawn has the minutes of a summary report of a conference as well as the names and addresses of all attendees that conference, held last February -- which exlored all issues associated with the recovery and recycling of electronic equipment.  Many recylers of computers attended.  

Also, EPA published an "Electronics Reuse and Recycling Directory" (EPA530-B-97-001) last March that lists original equipment manufacturers that take back electronic products for reuse or recycling; scrap dealers that utilize certain materials/components of these products; businesses that refurbish or disassemble such items; charities or community organizations that collect and donate such items to those in need; and exchanges that link buyers and sellers of such products.

Hope this info helps.

Holly Lynch
Director of Environmental, Health, and Safety Programs
Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits
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A coworker is writing a fact sheet on computer recycling and waste 
management options.  Does anyone have general information or case
studies on these topics.  

Specifically he is looking for companies providing this 
service, economics, feasibility of recycling for householders and 
large companies.

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