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Re: Ozone treatment

Ozonation can remove COD and color by 90% without much trouble.  It is getting
to 95-99% where the amount of ozone needed and reaction time increase greatly.
Every effluent will depend on the dye types and organics present.   For many
application the 90% reduction will allow the reuse of the water, but all of
this depends on the quality of the goods made from the reused water and the
acceptance of the water by the dyers.  Also, ozonation  may add impurities to
the water and the organics and impurities will build up as the recycling of the
water is continued.

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Dear sirs,

I would appreciate if you could give me any information about Treatment of
textile, leather and dye effluents by means of ozone. In concret I would
appreciate any information about color and COD reduction.

Thanks in advance for your help,

best regards

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