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Re: Rustproofing Operations

The newer automobiles are given  coatings of anticorrosion materials 
after complete assembly and welding of the frame, fenders, etc 
structure using the E-coat(electrocoating).  This is much superior to 
the "older" method of assemble, weld, and undercoat.  The basic 
system is however cost and space intensive since the entire vehicle 
is immersed.  Any repair, abnormal exposure to corrosive elements, 
and post factory application af anticorrosive films would definitely 
enhance the life expectancy of the metal structure(less Northern 
Vehicle Cancer).

Obviously, adding a superficial film of material without proper 
preparation(conversion) of the base metal for proper adherence of the 
top coating would not be smart, but we would have to assume that 
those interested in improving the efficiency of their operations by 
using overspray, gun cleaning residue,etc would also know enough 
about metal preparation to stay in business.

Vic Young

 R. Illig wrote:
    It was my impression that auto rust-proofing and undercoating was 
    an outdated concept.  I seem to remember reports of several years 
    ago which claimed that drilling holes and spraying 
    "rust-inhibiting" materials underneath and into auto cavities 
    actually caused more harm than good.  (Although I always thought 
    undercoating would be very useful.)  I believe these materials 
    often resulted in the attraction or build-up of moisture, a 
    condition which leads to rust and corrosion.  The use of steel 
    with better corrosion resistance, along with improved design, may 
    have helped to minimize the need for application of inhibitors.
    The last time I asked about getting my car undercoated (which had 
    to be at least 5 years ago), my Toyota dealer told me they would 
    no longer perform the service and recommended I do not waste my 
    time and money.
    The application of hazardous waste materials under the guise of 
    "in-house recycling", outside of the waste generating process, may 
    be stretching the intent of the regs a bit.
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