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Re: Lower Cost of Capital via P2

Note cost of capital is not capital costs; it's the weighted average of debt
and equity financing of capital investments.  Is this what you wanted?At
02:27 PM 7/15/97, you wrote:
>There are two case studies in the "Industrial Waste Audit and Reduction
>published by the Ontario Waste Management Corporation,
>which show how pollution prevention can lower the capital costs of wastewater 
>The manual can be obtained free of charge from the Ontario Ministry of the 
>Environment @ (416) 325-4000, FAX (416) 323-4564
>Ontario Ministry of Environment
>Public Information Centre
>135 St. Clair Ave. West
>Toronto, Ontario
>M4V 1P5
>I have a couple of other projects which reduced or eliminated capital 
>expenditures for wastewater treatment by first applying pollution prevention. 
>If you are interested I can supply details.
>Rob Michalowicz
>BOVAR Environmental
>(416) 630-6331
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>Subject: Lower Cost of Capital via P2
>Author:  p2tech@great-lakes.net at INTERNET 
>Date:    7/9/97 6:29 PM
>Can anyone provide concrete examples and details as to how a company's P2 
>may have resulted in a lower cost of capital? Thanks!
Ken Saulter
Industrial Technology Institute
Energy & Environment Center
2901 Hubbard Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1485
(313)769-4234, Fax x4064, kjs@iti