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Proactive Hazardous Material Management

     Does anybody know of examples of companies who have adopted proactive 
     hazardous material management programs.  By proactive, I mean programs 
     that place more emphasis on avoiding the use of hazardous materials, 
     where appropriate, than on merely controlling the hazards associated 
     with use of such materials; programs that encourage source reduction 
     and product substitution during every stage of the requisitioning 
     process (e.g., during product  specification, procurement, 
     review/approval).  What works and what doesn't work?  I'd appreciate 
     any input.
     Ron Del Mar
     Fluor Daniel Northwest
     P.O. Box 1050
     Richland, WA 99252
     (509) 376-1967
     (509) 373-9519 (fx)