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Re: Chromium Recovery from Filter press Cake

Date:          Fri, 18 Jul 97  10:44:27 EDT
From:          "Marvin Fleischman, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Univers" <M0FLEI01@ulkyvm.louisville.edu>
To:            <p2tech@great-lakes.net>
Reply-to:      p2tech@great-lakes.net
Marvin asks:
ity of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292, Ernst 314,
Phone: 502-852-6357, FAX:502-852-6355, m0lflei01@ulkyvm.louisvi
lle.edu SUBJECT:
I am inquiring whether it would be worthwhile investigating chromium recovery
from a filter press cake from treating a chromate conversion rinse water.
The chromium (total) is 11000 ppm. Contacts for potential places to take the
cake would be appreciated.
Marvin Fleischman, Industrial Assessment Center, University of Louisville
Try Horsehead in Palmerton, PA @ 1-800-253-5579.

Rudy Moehrbach
Waste Reduction Resource Center
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