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Motor oil bottle bans in landfills?

Hi Everyone!

A contact at the TNRCC mentioned a conversation she had with a Canadian
who said his province had banned used motor oil bottles from landfills. 
She is in the process of finding the name of the contact.

In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone knew of this particular
program or any others like it in the United States or Canada which ban
or restrict the landfilling of almost empty motor oil bottles.

I say "almost empty" because there is usually about an ounce of motor
oil remaining in each motor oil bottle that is discarded.  This residue
makes the bottles undesirable for recyclers because of the messes in
baling, transporting, chipping, and washing.  The residue also leaks out
of the container when landfilled, and we all know oil and groundwater
don't mix.

If you don't think an ounce of motor oil in each bottle is a problem,
consider that there are over 3.43 BILLION motor oil bottles produced and
sold in the U.S. each year.  

So, if you know of any programs out there, I would like to hear about
them.  I know of one in South Carolina, but that's about it.  Someone
has had to have looked at this problem before.  Any ideas?

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