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Re: Sample P2 Plans

At 11:26 AM 6/9/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I am new to P2 plans.  I am trying to start an effort here at the
>Arkansas Center for Technology Transfer to assist small to medium size
>companies with P2 plans.  I would like to review some proven effective
>P2 plans as examples.  Can anyone suggest on-line sites, books, manuals,
>etc...  I am finding lots of great info on the p2tech web site archives
>( I just subscribed to the list so please be patient), but no examples
>of actual plans.
>Thank you in advance for your time.
>Kent Peetz
>Environmental Engineer
>Arkansas Center for Technology Transfer
Hi Kent,

Check out our web site as indicated below in my signature and the
Massachusetts DEP web site as follows

Also, out Technical Assistance program has a site at
http://www.magnet.state.ma.us/ota/ota.htm with how to get case studies and
a helpful publication called "A Practical Guide to Toxics Use Reduction"

We offer a "TUR Planner Curriculum", available for the cost of reproducing
($45). The State has a "Plan Guidance" which gives detailed instructions
for creating a plan.

Janet Clark
Technology Transfer Manager
MA Toxics Use Reduction Institute
University of Massachusetts
One University Ave.
Lowell, MA  01854-2866
Tel 508-934-3346
Fax 508-934-3050
email clarkjan@turi.org

TURI has a new web site at www.turi.org or //turi.uml.edu  Featured are
projects, P2Gems, the Surface Cleaning Lab, our publications list and more.