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ity of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292, Ernst 314,
Phone: 502-852-6357, FAX:502-852-6355, m0flei01@ulkyvm.louisvi
lle.edu SUBJECT:
I have a wastewater from spraying a die lubricant (water-
mineral-vegetable oil mixture/emulsion) in an aluminum casting process.  In
addition to the lubricant the waste water contains hydraulic oil (diethylene
glycol, polyalkylene glycol, water, and di-isopropyl-ethanol amine), and some
grease/oil. The grease and oil are removed in a incined plate
coalescer/skmimmer. The hydraulic oil comes from leaks. Questions are:
1) Can the die lubricant spray water be directly reused after grease & oil
2) If it is also necessary to remove the hydraulic oil for spray lubricant
   reuse, how can it be removed?  Activated carbon adsorption will probably
   not be effective because the glycols are polar. Can they be removed by
   ultrafiltration or is the molecular weight too low? Ultrafiltration will
   probably also retain the die lubricant (mineral oil). Likewise with
   reverse osmosis. Would extraction be a possibility?

Marvin Fleischman, Industrial Assessment Center, Department of
Chemical Engineering, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
40292, 502/852-6357, FAX:502/852-6355, email:m0flei01@ulkyvm.