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I found this press release on the 'net and thought it might be of interest
to the group...

GEOREF Systems Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of the
EnviroBrowser.  The EnviroBrowser provides an easy-to-use interface to a
database of thousands of physical and chemical environmental parameters.
These parameters include hydraulic conductivity, porosity, adsorption,
dispersivity, half-lives, and EPA priority pollutants.

GEOREF is giving the software away for free, providing you
complete the on-line survey at our WWW site, WWW.GEOREF.COM.  The free
version of the software is fully-functional.  If you register for a
licensed version of the EnviroBrowser ($69.00), you will receive an
unlocked version of the database with the ability to add your own
parameters to the database.

We welcome your visit to our WWW site to complete our survey and download
a copy of the EnviroBrowser.

GEOREF Systems Ltd.

 MARK REIDER, Managing Director
 e-mail:  thcg@mailzone.com

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 and Environmental Services and Products Industries.

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