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Re: Aluminum oxide available

Suzanne Simoni (610) 832-6021 wrote:
> We've recently conducted a preliminary P2 assessment at an electroplating
> facility that uses Al2O3 (aluminum oxide) to blast the metal parts at various
> stages of their process.  The Al2O3 begins at sizes of 100 - 520 mesh, but
> becomes finer with use.  When it is too fine, the facility landfills it.  Is
> anyone aware of another industry type which might be able to use this as a raw
> material?
> (you may respond to P2Tech or simoni.suzanne@a1.dep.state.pa.us)  Thanks______________________________________________________________________________________


      Look at Plastics additives-An industrial guide/by Ernest W.Flick
      There are many possibilities to use it as  plastics  additives.

      Also, if it does not contain much impurity , why dont you try  to
      ask  Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC) manufacturer, they may have use
      for, as part of their raw material.