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Wood Particleboard re-use & recycling


I work with a company that has tens of thousands of cubic metres p.a. of
particle board and (MDI)resin-bound wood fibre (medium density fibreboard)
in the form of off-cuts, sealed with wood veneer, or melamine and with ABS
or PVC edge-banding.  These come in thicknesses of 18, 25, and 32 mm. and
areas in the range of 2000mm-1200mm by 1500 - 300mm.

We would like to know of any processes which could be used to re-work and
re-use this material.  The same process(es) could also be used at the
post-consumer take-back stage.

I would be grateful for any suggestions or ideas to use this material and
prolong its life. 

(By the way, we are also trying to address the problem at source by
exploring how to reduce the amount of off-cuts.)

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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