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At 08:46 AM 7/28/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>FROM: R. Illig
>    AT: illig.richard@a1.dep.state.pa.us
>    One & All,
>    In Pa we have developed several uses for coal fly ash...mine 
>    site reclamation, stabilized fill, and soil conditioning are some 
>    of the more common uses.  I have learned that in many cases (when 
>    burning soft coal) the ash is too acidic for general reuse 
>    scenarios...requires too much lime, for stabilization, to be cost 
>    effective.
>    QUESTION: Has anyone developed other uses for coal fly ash which 
>              takes advantage of the acidic nature, or otherwise 
>              developed processing methods that would allow reuse?
>    From perhaps more of a P2 perspective, one option under 
>    consideration is to burn harder (not anthracite) coal.  Does 
>    anyone have any experiences to relate in this area?

Fly ash has been used as a cement over many centuries, dating back to at
least the 1st century BC.  This is a use that could be explored.  It may
also be useful as a filler in making block and other construction materials.


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