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Re: Foundry Sand

At 08:57 AM 7/28/97 -0400, you wrote:
>We are working with a client that makes aluminum castings using sand molds. 
> They generate significant amounts of waste sand (containing small amounts 
>of resins and aluminum fines).  They recently installed a sand reclamation 
>system which is undersized,  performing unsatisfactorily and thus can not 
>keep up with production.  Excess sand goes directly to the landfill.
>Does anyone have experience in this industry?  Can you suggest reduce/reuse 
>options targeting sand in this operation?
>Amy Whitehead
>CAMP Inc.
>4600 Prospect Avenue
>Cleveland Ohio 44103-4314
The manufacturing of cement uses both sand (for the silicate) and aluminum
to make suitable cement klinker that is then ground for cement.  You should
contact some cement manufacturers to see if they are willing to take the
sand and use it in their kiln.  This would be cheaper than landfilling and
better resource management.


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