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    Purdue University and the Indiana Pollution Prevention and Safe
    Materials Institute offer this type of training in conjunction with the
    Coatings Application Research Lab (CARL).  They provide equipment
    assessment, setup, and operator training that helps to minimize the
    amount sprayed, thereby reducing pollution potential.  CARL will also
    work with you to test new coatings, etc.  I have not personally
    utilized their services, but their success stories sound good.  You
    will need to talk to them directly about cost.

    Rick Bauer
    (765) 494-6450

    Todd Bigelow
    Environmental Manager
    Batesville Casket Company, Inc.
    1000 East Pearl Street
    Batesville, IN  47006
    (812) 934-7806

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Author:  M0FLEI01@ulkyvm.louisville.edu at BCC
Date:    7/29/97 2:58 PM

ity of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292, Ernst 314,
Phone: 502-852-6357, FAX:502-852-6355, m0flei01@ulkyvm.louisvi
lle.edu SUBJECT:
I am trying to get some rough cost estimates on training spray paint
operators. Can anyone suggest some contacts.

Marvin Fleischman, Industrial Assessment Center, Department of Chemical
Engineering, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292, 502/852-6357,
FAX:502/852-6355, email:m0flei01@ulkyvm.