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Re: 33/50 Program

There's a chapter on the 33/50 program in all of the TRI press
releases.  I quote:  "The 33/50 Program achieved overall reductions
of 50.7% in 1994, a full year ahead of the 1995 target date for a 50%
reduction.  All told, 757 million pounds of releases and transfers
have been eliminated since the 1988 baseline year for the program."

Mind you, it's a reduction in *reported* releases, not a reduction in
actual releases.  Different methods of estimating releases can yield
results that vary by orders of magnitude, so if a company switched
from one estimating method to another one, they might report a huge
reduction in releases when actual releases didn't change at all.

Anyway, there are lots and lots of reports on the 33/50
Program, but the TRI press releases might be a good place to start.
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