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RE: Substitute for Wax Maskant in Plating

The best substitute I know of for wax maskant in plating operations 
is to change the wax from a solvent based system to water-based. 
 Once you begin to use water-based maskants, then various water-based 
systems can be used to remove the maskant.  Several water-based 
maskants are available and more being developed.  Let me know if you 
have problems identifying suppliers - I will dig through my files to 
find some.
Allan Butler
Senior Engineer
Concurrent Technologies Corporation
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Bremerton, WA  98337-1844

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Subject:	Substitute for Wax Maskant in Plating

Greetings! I'm trying to help the Air Force (AF) find an acceptable
substitute for the use of a protective wax in plating and other
metal finishing  operations.  Specifically, jet engine blade repairs
involve injecting wax into the interior of the blade to protect it
during two operations: 1) while the coating is being removed by
acidic stripping, 2) prior to laser drilling to protect the blade
while air holes are being drilled.  After metal finishing, theAF
typically uses perchloroethylene to remove the wax.  In order to meet 
the EO 12856 goals, the AF is actively searching for a substitute for 
perc that could remove the wax.

Does anyone know of a substitute for the wax that would be
compatible with a  less toxic/hazardous degreaser? The AF has tested
and evaluated dozens of cleaners already (with no success) and is now 
looking more closely at physical cleaning methods.  This issue
applies to many engine parts not just the blades I mentioned above.
I've left a message on the National Metal Finishing Resource Center
already and searched EnviroSense.  Thanks and have a good weekend!

Dina Li
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