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Re: MSW in Slovak Republic

Nancy, check with David Boon DFE-PETE Program Director, Dave has worked in
eastern europe for years and just got back from meetings there with env.
agencies/university programs. Dave's info is: tel (303) 404-5259, email:
fr_dave@cccs.cccoes.edu. PETE has a partnership arrangement of some kind
with eastern euro. agencies/universities

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nancy wrote:
I've been invited to participate in a waste
management training workshop in Slovakia (used
to be part of Czechoslovakia, now independent) at
the end of September.   This is one of several
workshops that EPA is presenting for and with the
Slovak Environmental Agency (SEA).  Our
audience will be employees of the SEA and some
local environmental agencies.  The topic I am to
cover is municipal solid waste, especially source
reduction, source separation, recycling, and
household hazardous waste.  My questions for
P2Tech are:
1.  Is there anyone among us who has been in
Slovakia in recent years who can give me some
idea of what their MSW and HHW might look like?
2.  Can anyone suggest good resource materials
on getting started with programs for MSW source
reduction, source separation, recycling, or HHW
education and collection?  I have most of the EPA
documents, any others?
3.  Anyone know of good case studies, especially
from Europe, dealing with development of
programs for any of these topics?
Thanks for your help!
Nancy Helm
EPA Region 10
Seattle, WA
206 553-8659