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RE: Fact sheets for POTWs/POTW ordinances

>Oregon has developed a "P2 for POTWs" resource manual and five
>industry-specific brochures on preventing water pollution.  Our POTWs
>are very interested in doing more in this area, and the manual includes
>both suggestions on what POTWs could do to promote P2, and suggestions
>for working with the five industry groups.  We borrowed a lot from the
>San Francisco Bay area's efforts, and much of this information is in the
>manual.  I'll put a copy in the mail for you.
>Marianne Fitzgerald
>P2 Coordinator
>Oregon DEQ
>(503) 229-5946
>> ----------
Please send me a set, too. Thanx, Pete Goudreau
                                  1922 Charlotte Ct,
                                  Florence, AL, 35630-6714