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Compliance Assistance Contacts

Here's a few contacts for your list.  Sorry I couldn't be comprehensive but
                       I just received the message on Friday afternoon.
I'd like to hear more about the project you are working on.  Is there any
                       way I can be on a mailing list?  Thanks!

                       Greg Czajkowski, Manager
                       RCRA Compliance Assistance Program
                       U.S. EPA Region 9

First Name:            Judy
Middle Initial:
Last Name:             Frantz
Full Name:             CA DTSC

Work Information
Company:               CA DTSC
Department:            Office of External Affairs
                       Mail Code HQ-15
                       P.O. Box 806
Location:              Sacramento, CA 95812-0806
Title:                 Indust. Education Coordinator
Office Phone:          916-324-3614
FAX Phone:             916-327-0978

First Name:            Jerry
Middle Initial:
Last Name:             French
Full Name:             Pima Co. DEQ
Work Information
Company:               Pima Co. DEQ
Department:            Small Business Asst.
Office Phone:          520-740-6916

First Name:            Barbara
Middle Initial:
Last Name:             Rhode
Full Name:             Western P.E.T.E.

Work Information
Company:               Western P.E.T.E.
Location:              2150 River Plaza Dr., #170
                       Sacramento, CA 95833
Office Phone:          916-921-3365
FAX Phone:             916-921-3368


First Name:            Todd
Middle Initial:
Last Name:             Doris
Full Name:             AZ DEQ (Project XL Contact)

Work Information
Department:            Community Group
Location:              Phoenix, AZ
Office Phone:          602-207-4248