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Re: Early Literature

Is this still in print.  where can I get it?  At 02:51 PM 8/7/97 -0700, you
>One reference I found to be very enlightening was "The Tragedy of
>Waste," written by Stuart Chase in the late 1920s.  While the focus of
>his work is mainly on the avoidance of waste associated with inefficient
>labor management and raw material utilization, his basic points apply to
>all wastes.  Thru standardization and better management practices, many
>wastes can be avoided.  I'm sure this is still true today.
>He also presented a very interesting concept of "wealth" versus "illth."
>Illth can be thought of as goods produced for the sake of
>over-consumption.  By calculating how much money went into the
>production of illth, he was able to show that this waste was more than
>enough to provide all the poor in the US with a decent level of living.
>I know this work is not "P2" per se, but it is interesting to see how
>people have looked at similar problems in the past.  Scientific
>management, value engineering, energy conservation, and now P2 all share
>a common approach to the same problem: identifying ways to do more with
>less.  And speaking of less, I better sign off before I ramble on.

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