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Boston Environmental Tech Job

Date:  Thu, 24 Jul 1997 21:44:48 -0500
From:  rstuart@rffund.org
Subject:  CR: Job Announcement
To:  circuit-riders@igc.org

We had a hand in drafting the proposal that yielded a major grant to fund
this new environmental collaborative.  Electronic networking including
"circuit riding" will definately be a major part of the job.  If I was 10
years younger I'd apply; know anyone that wants to work in historic Boston?

Coordinator, Massachusetts Environmental Collaborative

The Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM), an independent, non-profit
advocacy and educational organization dedicated to bringing about strong,
responsible environmental laws, policies, and programs, seeks a Coordinator
for the Massachusetts Environmental Collaborative.  The Collaborative is a
new initiative to improve the research, communications, and advocacy
capability of participating groups.  The Coordinator will:

. Work closely with senior staff of member organizations from throughout
Massachusetts to devise and implement strategies to advance the
state's environmental agenda.  Facilitate cooperative efforts by member
groups.  Recruit new groups to become members of the Collaborative.

. Establish and manage an electronic network of participating groups and
interested citizens; organize and take part in Collaborative meetings,
both in person and electronically.   Develop and maintain on-line
conferences and web site.  Act as a resource on communication and
networking issues for member groups.

. Work with the Development Director to raise funds to meet the
Collaborative's budget.  Write funding proposals to foundations and
develop relationships with funders; write reports to foundations.
Organize major annual fundraising event for the environmental
community to support Collaborative activities.

. Distribute information to participating groups and citizens.  Write
articles on policy topics for quarterly ELM Bulletin.

Qualifications:  Bachelor's degree required; advanced degree preferred.

The successful candidate will be attracted by the challenge of building
a new institution to protect the environment.   Political/community
organizing experience strongly preferred.  Strong written and oral
communication skills, strong computer communication and networking
skills, strong interpersonal skills, commitment to the environment, and
practicality all required. Fundraising experience preferred but not

Salary:  $30-40,000, depending on qualifications.  Health and dental
To apply:  Send a persuasive letter and resume to:  Search, ELM, 3 Joy
St., Boston, MA 02108 (fax: 617 742-9656; e-mail: elm@tiac.net)  by
No phone calls.

ELM seeks qualified applicants without regard to race, sex, sexual
preference, religion, national origin, age, disability, or any other
attribute not related to superior performance of this position.

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